Lullaby Planet



As our first project, we are proud to announce the release of Lullaby Planet on Apple store and Google Play!


If you have difficulties in getting your child to drift off to sleep, or would like some peace and quiet, this application will certainly be of interest to you.

Lullaby Planet is designed to let young children relax in a peaceful and soothing environment. This application aims to help even the youngest child fall asleep in a pleasant way. The application features 6 fully interactive scenes which will let your Child interact with cute and lovable characters who are ready to go to sleep. They will accompany your child on a sleepy journey to the world of dreams for a peaceful night.

Lullaby Planet provides the same kind of calmness as you might get from gazing at the flames of a fireplace, or the soothing colours and drifting movements of fish in a fish tank perhaps; with lightly drifting bubbles, plants and stars sailing by. Planets and embracing animals gently float around. Lullaby Planet combines movement and tranquility, but there is always something special happening.

The music has been created with a vibraharp; a musical percussion instrument which looks similar to a xylophone or a marimba,
with metal bars and a set of electrically powered resonators and is played with a mallet to create dreamy, drawn out, sustained tones and a vibrato which generates very calming tones. The music has been composed to a set of well-known and loved lullabies and classical pieces of music. This is to create a truly relaxing musical landscape, and we must admit that, at times, even we, the designers, have fallen asleep whilst working on this project, even at our desks, and none of us have had a hard time to sleep at night!  If you too are looking for sweet dreams, why not give it a go?

You can get it on applestore and google play

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