Kids Song Planet



We’re equally excited to present our musical application Kids Song Planet!It turns your iPad or any apple or android Smartphone  into a Sing along Karaoke application.

We feel it is time to revisit favourite song-classics like Old McDonald, Railroad song, The Ballgame, Senor Don Gato … so that you can show your little one how well you can sing!

We put extra effort into developing the interactive piano, as we believe that being able to directly interact with the music encourages the musical development of children.  Kids Song Planet has the feature of a special mode that will teach your child to play the melody of each song on the piano keys. It is designed to be easy to learn and play: just tap on the funny red character that appears to find out how to play the melody!

Our second objective with this application was to encourage the imaginative development of children. By enabling them to explore freely within the scenes that combines with the music, they engage in a role-play game which feeds their imagination, and allows them to try out different roles. They can join the crew of a pirate ship, help Old Mac Donald on his farm, rescue Don Gato by striking a piñata, conduct a train through the countryside and much, much more! Kids Song planet is highly interactive, each scene contains a wide range of animation, hidden objects, small games and a total of more than 100 interactive elements !

We have also included 2 Minigames to match the songs and keep children entertained for a long time. We have been working hard to ensure that things never get dull or too repetitive, and you will most likely discover new animations each time that you return to the application again.

So let start the fun, try it out for yourself! It’s available now in the App Store and Google Play,   Waiting for you :)

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